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OHS Staff 2019-2020

Contact Brenda Aguilar  Brenda Aguilar Staff
Contact Christina Aguilar  Christina Aguilar Staff
Contact Luis Aguilar  Luis Aguilar Teacher
Contact Miguel Aguirre  Miguel Aguirre Staff
Contact Larissa Alarcon  Larissa Alarcon Staff
Contact Barbara Albanese  Barbara Albanese Teacher / Department Chair
Contact Norma Allums  Norma Allums Staff
Contact Robert Apodoca  Robert Apodoca Staff
Contact Leif Atkisson  Leif Atkisson Spanish Teacher and Foreign Language Dept. Chair
Contact Bruce Baker  Bruce Baker Teacher
Contact Adam Bayley  Adam Bayley Teacher
Contact Kristi Benson-Clark  Kristi Benson-Clark (760) 901-8200 ex: 8394 PE Teacher / Department Chair
Contact Jo Brinkman  Jo Brinkman Teacher / Driftwood Advisor
Contact Amanda Bruckner  Amanda Bruckner Supervising Teacher
Contact David Burton  David Burton Staff
Contact Elizabeth Butler-Arreola  Elizabeth Butler-Arreola Teacher
Contact Tommy Cabral  Tommy Cabral Staff
Contact Aron Campbell  Aron Campbell Teacher/Band Director
Contact Edwin Campbell  Edwin Campbell Staff
Contact Pikake Campbell  Pikake Campbell Teacher
Contact Sarah Carling-Guerra  Sarah Carling-Guerra Teacher
Contact Toni Chaney  Toni Chaney ASB Director
Contact Christine Chapman  Christine Chapman Staff
Contact Cameron Clark  Cameron Clark Teacher
Contact Teresa Collis  Teresa Collis Principal
Contact Ryan Cooney  Ryan Cooney Staff
Contact David Crockett  David Crockett Staff
Contact James Cunningham  James Cunningham Staff
Contact Rhonda Deniston  Rhonda Deniston Teacher
Contact Theresa Donahue-Galvan  Theresa Donahue-Galvan Staff
Contact Erik Douglas  Erik Douglas (760) 901-8200 ex: 8352 Teacher
Contact Shannon Downey  Shannon Downey Teacher
Contact Sandy Dries  Sandy Dries Staff
Contact Robert Driscoll  Robert Driscoll Teacher
Contact Jennifer DuBois  Jennifer DuBois Teacher
Contact Michele Eggleston  Michele Eggleston Staff
Contact Mike Engen  Mike Engen Teacher
Contact Chandra Faist  Chandra Faist Teacher
Contact Georgiann Fierz  Georgiann Fierz (760) 901-8200 ex: 8248 Dept. Chair; A.P. Literature & Composition; English 11
Contact David Fogliatti  David Fogliatti Teacher
Contact Lou Fosnot  Lou Fosnot (760) 901-8236 Counselor
Contact Nathan Fristed  Nathan Fristed Teacher
Contact Taylor Galvan  Taylor Galvan Teacher
Contact Skyler Garrahy  Skyler Garrahy Assistant Principal
Contact Rick Gerardi  Rick Gerardi PE Teacher/ Weight Training
Contact Lenny Gobea  Lenny Gobea Staff
Contact Tyna Grant  Tyna Grant Staff
Contact Jesse Guillen  Jesse Guillen Teacher / Cross Country & Track Coach
Contact Trang Haggerty  Trang Haggerty Staff
Contact Stephanie Harrell  Stephanie Harrell Teacher/AVID Coordinator
Contact Nick Hatter  Nick Hatter (760) 901-8200 ex: 8337 Teacher
Contact Jessica Haugen  Jessica Haugen Physical Education Teacher & Department Chair
Contact Juan Hernandez  Juan Hernandez Teacher
Contact Brad Hollingsworth  Brad Hollingsworth Athletic Director & Yearbook Advisor
Contact Matt Hovenden  Matt Hovenden Teacher
Contact Michael Hyde  Michael Hyde SEAS Teacher
Contact Kimberly Jenney  Kimberly Jenney Teacher
Contact David Kalt  David Kalt Teacher
Contact Jeff Kamansky  Jeff Kamansky (760) 901-8200 ex: 8346 Teacher
Contact Colonel Brian Kerl  Colonel Brian Kerl (760) 901-8200 Senior Military Instructor
Contact Dana Khandelwal  Dana Khandelwal Teacher
Contact Tawnya Larkin  Tawnya Larkin Teacher / Theater Director
Contact Ryan Leso  Ryan Leso Staff
Contact Wendy Lightfoot  Wendy Lightfoot Teacher
Contact Jolie Liss  Jolie Liss Staff
Contact Dustin Long  Dustin Long Teacher
Contact Marie Lundquist  Marie Lundquist Staff
Contact Alexa Marcon  Alexa Marcon Teacher
Contact BettyAnn Marquardt  BettyAnn Marquardt Staff
Contact Amy Martin  Amy Martin (760) 901-8200 ex: 8350 Teacher / Math Department Chair
Contact Gabriela Martin  Gabriela Martin Counselor
Contact Shannon Martin  Shannon Martin Teacher
Contact Nancy Martinelli  Nancy Martinelli Teacher
Contact Dana McCullough  Dana McCullough Teacher
Contact Gregory McMahon  Gregory McMahon Teacher
Contact John Miller  John Miller Teacher
Contact Tara Miller  Tara Miller Teacher
Contact Eduardo Mireles  Eduardo Mireles Teacher
Contact Justin Moodie  Justin Moodie Teacher
Contact Kimberly Moreno  Kimberly Moreno Teacher
Contact Evern Mosely  Evern Mosely (760) 901-8200 ex: 8221 Health Clerk
Contact Vu Nguyen  Vu Nguyen Staff
Contact Joe Nuanez  Joe Nuanez Teacher
Contact Kathy O'Sullivan  Kathy O'Sullivan Teacher
Contact Angela Ober  Angela Ober Teacher
Contact Jessica Ortega  Jessica Ortega Teacher
Contact Rene Ortega  Rene Ortega Supervising Teacher
Contact Fai Paopao  Fai Paopao Security
Contact Richard Patterson  Richard Patterson Security
Contact Brenda Peterson  Brenda Peterson Security
Contact Deborah Phillips-Pace  Deborah Phillips-Pace Staff
Contact Darius Pickett  Darius Pickett Teacher
Contact Ernesto Polanco  Ernesto Polanco (760) 901-8377 Community Advisor II
Contact Robbin Pollard  Robbin Pollard ASB Clerk
Contact Fran Prather  Fran Prather Teacher Librarian/ASSETS Site Coordinator
Contact Bill Richman  Bill Richman Teacher
Contact Leah Ritt  Leah Ritt Teacher/Choir Director
Contact Sheryl Roccoforte  Sheryl Roccoforte Teacher
Contact David Rodriguez  David Rodriguez Teacher / Head Football Coach
Contact Michael Romero  Michael Romero Staff
Contact Kim Roy  Kim Roy (760) 901-8200 ex: 8278 Teacher/Health Academy
Contact Paul Ruez  Paul Ruez (760) 901-8200 ex: 8257 Teacher Photography & Animation
Contact Amanda Schmidt  Amanda Schmidt Teacher
Contact Scott Schuur  Scott Schuur Teacher
Contact Ruth Sienkiewicz  Ruth Sienkiewicz Counselor
Contact Brad Simi  Brad Simi AARC Counselor Coordinator
Contact Linda Souza  Linda Souza Staff
Contact Christine Speedon  Christine Speedon ex: 8203 Front Desk Receptionist
Contact Martha Stickles  Martha Stickles ex: 8314 Spanish Teacher
Contact Catrina Stone  Catrina Stone Teacher
Contact Sherry Swanson  Sherry Swanson Teacher
Contact Omar Talamantes  Omar Talamantes Teacher
Contact Michael Thomas  Michael Thomas Staff/Oceanside Performing Arts Center
Contact Roland Thomason  Roland Thomason Staff
Contact Kevin Thompson  Kevin Thompson Teacher
Contact Natalie Towfiq  Natalie Towfiq Teacher
Contact Tamara Trude-Gonzalez  Tamara Trude-Gonzalez (760) 901-8270 Special Education Department Chair/ Special Teacher
Contact GEAR UP  GEAR UP (760) 901-8390 Coordinator – OHS GEAR UP Partnership
Contact Yulianna Velazquez  Yulianna Velazquez Staff
Contact Jennifer Villalpando  Jennifer Villalpando (760) 901-8254 AP Psychology & English 9
Contact David Wagner  David Wagner Teacher
Contact Tammi Wallace  Tammi Wallace (760) 901-8231 Counseling Secretary
Contact Judyann Watson  Judyann Watson Assistant Principal
Contact Thomas Wills  Thomas Wills Teacher
Contact Dana Wirtjes  Dana Wirtjes Teacher
Contact Nicole Wolff  Nicole Wolff Staff
Contact Kenneth Wright  Kenneth Wright Assistant Principal
Contact Becky Zielinski  Becky Zielinski (760) 901-8200 ex: 8204 Administrative Secretary
Contact Frank Zimmerman  Frank Zimmerman ex: 8258 Teacher/AVCOM
Contact Frank Zuidema  Frank Zuidema Teacher