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Pirates Plus- Enrichment Activities Locker
10/12/14 5:25 PM

Pirate Pics Photo Workshop

Have fun learning Photography

Pirate Pics is an after school photography workshop. This is a non technical hands on class based on discovery and exploration using cameras in the field (on and off campus) and digital imaging software (Adobe Photoshop) in the lab. Students explore the tools and uses of photography while enjoying the ‘free time’ to ‘play’ with the various opportunities offered through the subject areas offered.

Pirates Pic After School Photo Workshop

Fun & Valuable Career Skills are here

Join in the fun as our OHS Pirate Pics students enjoy learning tips, tricks and techniques from the pros in this award winning after school photo work shop each Tuesday from 2:30 – 4:30 in the OHS Digital Studio.

Pirate Pics at Skatepark

Here teachers Zach Cordner and Paul Ruez thank legendary skate photographer @jgrantbrittain who came to our Oceanside High #PiratePics after school photography class for a shoot with OHS students at Prince Park. Thanks to @jtrhoades (OHS Digital Studio alumni) and @1800bobbylong for helping us recreate a famous Transworld Skateboarding magazine cover that Grant took of @jamiethomas over a decade ago. @ Prince Park”

Pirate Pics at skate park

Pirate Pics Photographers - New Pirate Night
Manny Antelo, Jacinto Alverez, Nadia Diaz and Renardo Bowen.

Past-Shots of the Week

Playing Soccer

OHS Junior Jesse Martinez battles a Fallbrook HS player while Senior GK Roy Sarmiento looks on in the background.  The Pirates defeated the Warriors 2-0 in this Valley League match.

Photo Credit: OHS Freshman Nadia Diaz/Pirate Pics Photographer  

ZachSubjects include: 

  • What is Focus? 
  • Macro Photography
  • Wide angle vs. Telephoto Photography
  • Architectural Photography
  • Digital manipulation with Photoshop – masking and collaging
  • Street Photography
  • Available Light Portraits
  • High School Sports Photography
  • Action Sports Photography
  • Studio Lighting Portraiture
  • Photography History
  • Nature Photography
  • Shooting Photos for the School Newspaper and Yearbook
  • Event Photography
  • Making Money with Photography
  • Documentary Photography
  • Copyrights

230,000 people see OHS Student work

Mr. Ruiz looking at student art at SD Fair


Each year Mr. Ruez enters over 150 of his photo and animation students into the San Diego County Fair and this year the Pirate Pics students were invited to enter their work.

Work entered into the San Diego County Fair's Student Showcase gallery is selected by artistic jury and is seen by approximately 230,000 fair-goers.
Follow the showing at the San Diego County Fair selected pieces of the award winning art are put on display at the OHS Student Art Tour at the Oceanside Public Library. Here visitors to the library are invited to vote for their favorite three artists.
All students whose are is in this show receive special recognition certificates from State Senator Mark Wyland and Assemblyperson Rocky Chavez.
In this photo from the San Diego County Fair Pirate Pic photographer Yadira Gomez's Blue Ribbon 1st Place photo is seen in the upper right. Day class students from top down are: 1st Place (Ocean) Roxanna Michimani, 2nd Place (Sunset) Briana Ford, 2dn Place Rachell Turner, 3rd Place (handshake) Albert Asuncion and 4th Place (child) Izzy Franko.






Paul Ruez, M.Ed: OHS Photo and Animation Teacher - Event and Business Photography - US Army Photographer Correspondent - Vietnam ​

Zach Cordner: Celebrity and Event Photographer (Rolling Stone Magazine, Osider Magazine, Johnny Depp, etc.)

Contact Paul Ruez  Paul Ruez (760) 901-8200 ex: 8257 Teacher Photography & Animation