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Discrete Mathematics

Course Description

The primary purpose of this course is to advance students’ ability to reason deductively, communicate mathematical ideas fluently, and make connections that will strengthen their foundation for mathematics. This course will leverage students' existing mathematical
understanding and demonstrate how mathematics can be enjoyable and applied to their lives in interesting and meaningful ways. More specifically, this course has four major goals:
1. To help students acquire knowledge of fundamental mathematics (as defined by the Statement of Competencies in Mathematics (Intersegmental Committee of the Academic Senates of the CA Community Colleges, the CSU, and the UC, 2013)
2. To advance students’ ways of thinking, as described in the CCSS Standards for Mathematical Practice, necessary for success in college math, career, and life.
3. To foster students’ mathematical curiosity and to demonstrate how mathematics can solve authentic mathematical problems.
4. To facilitate students’ development of problem-solving skills, while fostering critical thinking, within an interesting setting.

Course Syllabus