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AP Literature and Composition

Course Description

Designed for a study of the ideas and thoughts of the writers of English Literature. It will give an opportunity to gain insight into their influence on modern culture and on mankind’s universal concerns. An intense study is made of the political and philosophical nature of English and World Literature. Included throughout is an emphasis on development of self-discipline, initiative, and good work habits, as well as knowledge of subject matter and interest in achievement. Through close reading and stylistic analysis, students will examine difficult and challenging works of literature normally studied in a college freshman English course. Aligns with the California English Language Arts Content Standards.
1. Study carefully selected international literary works and develop the ability to analyze, judge, and reflect upon the works that will be read through discussion and written language.
2. Develop critical standards for independent appreciation of literary works through the study of language, characters, and structure.
3. Become more aware through speaking, reading, and chiefly through personal writing of the resources of language: connotation, metaphor, irony, syntax and tone.
4. Develop an effective use of language and organization in a clear, coherent, and persuasive manner through the explication of literary texts.
5. Develop an individual style of expression adaptable to different occasions for writing in college.
6. Become proficient in using the higher order thinking skills of comparison/contrast, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation evidenced through written and verbal expression.
7. Demonstrate the ability through oral/written discourse and analysis, to engage in close reading by providing textual support and detailed commentary of the author's stylistic techniques.
8. Develop an awareness of the global forms of literary texts studied.
9. Demonstrate an appreciation of the similarities and differences between literary works from different ages and cultures.
10. Be prepared to take the AP Literature and Composition Examination.