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Academic Support/Learning Center

Academic Support/Learning Center

Prerequisite: Students may be recommended for this course by their counselor, the student study team, and/or their IEP team.

Credit for Graduation: ELECTIVE

A-G Approval/Subject Area: NO

This course is designed to provide students with academic support in English, History, Science, and Mathematics A-G courses. Students will be assigned to the class by grade level in order to receive direct instruction in grade-specific coursework. Instruction will be focused on previewing material and/or reviewing specific concepts for students to be successful in their academic coursework. Students will also be presented instruction on study skills, test taking strategies, note taking, organizational skills, and oral language development.

Contact Bruce Baker  Bruce Baker Teacher
Contact Pikake Campbell  Pikake Campbell Teacher
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Contact Michael Hyde  Michael Hyde SEAS Teacher
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Contact John Miller  John Miller Teacher
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