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Annual Advisory Committee

Industry leaders advise ROP

From where do ROP teachers get their course content, ideas, etc? Do experts in the ROP subjects help ROP teachers stay current and teach skills which are really in demand today?

Yes, ROP teachers keep their fingers on the pulse beat of industry trends and how to best help their students learn skills which are in real demand today. This is accomplished in a number of ways. Some examples include being members of their industry associations, attending industry meetings and classes and listening to the advice of their ROP Advisory Committee members. It is also accomplished because the teachers have worked, and or are still working, in the fields in which they teach.

Each year in November every ROP teacher meets with his or her industry advisors. These are people who are experts and who work in the subject areas the ROP teacher is responsible for. They review the course outlines and competencies and suggest changes to the classes. They review the equipment that is being used and make recommendations for new equipment. This guidance and advice is so important that the classes cannot be taught without the approval of these experts at the annual ROP Advisory Committee meetings. Additionally, no purchase may be made without the approval of these committees. 

The pictures on this page are representative of a typical ROP Advisory Committee meeting.

Dr. Adrianne Hakes

OUSD Board of Education Member, Dr. Adrianne Hakes thanks the ROP Advisory Committee members and teachers for their commitment to excellence in Career Technical Education.

Steve Pinning

Steve Pinning, Senior Director, San Diego County Office of Education ROP, welcomes the ROP Advisors, teachers and VIPs, and details the accomplishments of ROP Career Technical Education in San Diego County and the state.